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E. Weaver

I think you are doing a great job with the new procedures Inc. due to Covid. Keep up the great job!


The new procedures for post-pandemic are top notch.  I felt very safe being there and feel as though all precautions are being taken. Thank you for doing your part in protecting patients!

Anthony M.

My care team of Yvonne and Dr. Anzur were, as usual, very professional, caring and friendly.  I have great respect for their skill and care for my dental health.

From my first visit to the Unger Dental Practice  more than a decade ago to today, I have been totally satisfied with the skill and dental care I have received from every staff member.  I have recommended this practice to family and friends.  I feel so fortunate and am so happy I found this dental office.  There has never been a single instance of me being unsatisfied with the care and advice I have received from staff at this office.

Beth H.

I met Ashley, Jessica and Sam.  They were all great!  A++ dental experience!

S. Keel

I have been a patient there for a long time, from front office staff, hygienists, and dentist I have always been treated kindly and have felt very comfortable with everyone, thank you.

V. Roher

Dr. Wylie is an excellent dentist.  He makes you feel very comfortable and you can tell he truly cares about you as a patient.  Gwen, Jessica and all of the staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome.  Truly an amazing practice and I highly recommend coming here for your dental needs.  Thank you for the excellent customer service.


Just wish all medical offices were still like this. Somehow old fashion compassion, values, exceptional care all wrapped up with the most hi-tech equipment. Can’t believe anyone would go to an office without a CEREC machine. To be able to have crowns done without the messy goop in your mouth is beyond amazing. I’ve been a patient for about 30 years and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

S. Slaughter

Gwen is outstanding!  Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.  She is an asset to your office.  As always, oral care and procedures are explained to me.  It’s a very sanitary and professional environment.

L. Mathews

I can’t single out anyone employee because each one of them is phenomenal! They are also professional and friendly and always make me feel that I’m in capable hands. I look forward to seeing them all again some day without masks!

Deb Andree

Porcelain Veneers

Nearly 15 years ago, I experienced an unexpected dental emergency on a Saturday morning. Desperately searching the phone directory for a dentist offering emergency visits, I saw Dr. Unger’s number and called.

Following my first visit, I was so impressed with the professionalism and dental treatment from a dentist to whom I was a stranger; I decided to become a patient of Dr. Unger’s. Dr. Unger’s first examination of my teeth revealed many areas of concern, directly attributed to a lower standard of previous dental care. After discussing the situation with me, Dr. Unger developed a repair and restoration plan.

The entire experience under Dr. Unger’s care was life changing for me. Dr. Unger literally saved my teeth and truly gave me a reason to smile.

Throughout the years that followed, Dr. Unger treated each problem and gave me encouragement that my teeth could be saved. The most memorable and emotional day for me was when my front teeth veneers were placed. I was handed a mirror, and when I saw the results for the first time, I couldn’t hold back the tears…tears of happiness. After so many years of having substandard teeth, I finally had confidence to smile. The entire experience under Dr. Unger’s care was life changing for me. Dr. Unger literally saved my teeth and truly gave me a reason to smile.

I never hesitate to tell others about Dr. Unger’s exemplary dental care and have referred relatives and co-workers to him

Charles B, PA Sec. of Agriculture, Ret.

Implant Dentistry

As a youngster, our family visits to the dentist were limited to tooth filling and tooth pulling. Braces and cosmetic dentistry were considered practices for only the wealthy and socially elite. Ashamed and frequently embarrassed by the appearance of my teeth, I learned to smile without opening my mouth.

But at the age of 65, and now in a position that required frequent public speaking, an accident away from home forced me to find immediate professional care. I asked my secretary to make an emergency appointment with the best dentist in the city. Dr. Unger was the unanimous choice of the office staff.

No one would ever guess that I have 24 caps and bridges and 10 implants, all skillfully designed and fitted by Dr. Unger and his expert team of dental associates.

Now, nearly fifteen years later, I have a mouth full of beautiful permanent teeth, smile without hesitation, and eat apples, hard pretzels, and corn on the cob without fear. No one would ever guess that I have 24 caps and bridges and 10 implants, all skillfully designed and fitted by Dr. Unger and his expert team of dental associates. The temporary discomfort and inconvenience of the procedures are now long forgotten. I still have many of my own original teeth and am delighted with the way my “new” teeth fit and function.

I am especially appreciative of the friendly caring attitude and personal attention of Dr. Unger and his staff.

Agnes Armstrong

Implant Dentistry

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Unger for more than 15 years. I find Dr. Unger and his entire staff to be sensitive, professional, gentle and interested in my well-being. Over this past year I needed extensive work which included implants. Dr. Unger took all the time needed to explain the procedures and options and perform the necessary work. Everyone in the practice was accommodating and friendly, helping me through this challenging time. Now I’m happy with my new smile.

John Wimbrough

Full Mouth Restoration

Let me start out by saying that dentists used to scare me to death – to the point where I would actually shake when I had to go to one. That all changed in 1989 when Dr. Unger became our family dentist. A little background may help:

I wasn’t born with the “perfect” set of teeth and I never really took great care of them. This coupled with 22 years of moving for my work, never living in one place for more than 3 years, and having my dental needs taken care of by at least 20 different dentists essentially created the perfect storm in my mouth. The list of things that needed attention included bad (awful) bite, crooked teeth, poorly fitting bridges and other appliances, bad fillings and teeth that just needed attention. Dr. Unger explained my various options and I initially chose the one that seemed to be the easiest and less painful, but clearly not his recommended approach. After several years of this Dr. Unger encouraged me to reconsider the route we were taking and let him really help me – I decided to listen to him for once. So in 1997 we started “The Project.”

Dr Unger and his staff are absolutely the best team of dental experts available. I will never have anyone else provide my dental care without Dr. Unger referring me to them.

Dr. Unger developed a long-term plan with the goal of giving me a healthy set of teeth, with the added benefit of the perfect bite and a great smile. I placed myself in his hands and those of his wonderful staff. They coordinated with other doctors for braces, jaw surgery, root canals, implants and a host of other “minor” procedures. This was a massive effort, taking almost 10 years to complete and one that I expected to be a very painful experience. Dr. Unger and his team were so meticulous, helpful, and caring throughout the entire process that I didn’t actually mind going to the office (I even remember falling asleep a couple of times in the chair). After 3 years of braces, major jaw surgery, 10 implants and crowns, and 8 veneers, I now have what I think is a perfect set of teeth and a great smile. I can’t even count how many times I’ve received compliments. I know that I occasionally bug my wife when I show her a sandwich or a piece of pizza that I’ve taken a bite out of just to show off my bite. I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to be able to eat a steak and really enjoy it!

Dr. Unger and his staff are absolutely the best team of dental experts available. Everyone is committed to excellence and truly taking care of their patients. I will never have anyone else provide my dental care without Dr. Unger’s referring me to them. How strongly am I committed to this? Less than 6 months after starting the project to give me a perfect set of teeth I moved to Virginia – I drove over a 100 miles one-way for every required office visit and there were a lot of them! He remains my dentist to this day – thank goodness I moved back to Mechanicsburg a couple of years ago.


General Dentistry

As usual, the best service is given by everybody in the Unger Dental office. Polite and prompt treatment by all of the staff is appreciated, especially Dr Shannon who revised his schedule for me. This kind service by the whole staff keeps me coming back.